Virtual Reality Spray Painting Simulator & Software

Elevate your training with our spraybot spray paint training  simulator: easy to use, cost-effective, and boosts training efficiency for safer, cheaper & quicker results.

Our Virtual Reality Spray Paint Simulators

Spray bott industry spray paint simulator

Spraybott Industry

Spraybott is a self-contained training solution that offers a comprehensive range of coating and blasting processes. Spraybott also provides the ability to train on larger parts, making it an ideal tool for use in manufacturing and workforce development programs.

VR Spray training for spray training institutes & schools

Spraybott Education

Spraybott Go is a portable and compact training tool that is designed to support painter training for schools and specialty manufacturers with mobile training requirements. Spraybott Flex offers the same robust set of features as Spraybott Go but with the added flexibility of being easily transportable.

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Our VR Spray Painting Simulator Features

Painters of all levels can use this VR Spray Painting Training Simulator

Training & Guided Mode

Learn new techniques and master your skills with our step-by-step training and guided mode

Real Knob Adjustment

Adjust spray width and flow with our realistic knob control, just like a real spray can.

Process - Primer, Colour, Varnish

Follow a realistic painting process with primer, colour, and varnish layers for a professional finish.

Graphic Analytics & Scope

Analyze your painting technique and progress with our advanced graphic analytics and scope features


Keep track of your projects, tools, and progress with our user-friendly dashboard interface.

Industrial Customization

Customize your paint types and colors for specific industrial applications with our industrial customization feature

Virtual Reality Spray Painting Simulator Spraybott

Spraybott is Simbott AR VR Software Development Company’s latest offering, a cutting-edge VR spray painting simulator for efficient and immersive training.

With Simbott’s expertise in AR and VR app development, Spraybott offers a realistic and customizable experience for trainees of all levels.

We provide the best Car Painting Simulator for automotive industry spray paint training & various purposes. 

spray painting simulator for VR skill training for students & Industry

Our Virtual Reality Spray Paint Training Simulator Videos

VR Spray Paint Training
Our Product Demo
Car Painting Simualtor

Gallery Of Our Spray Paint Training Simulator

An all-in-one training solution designed to empower both students and instructors

Learning Modes

You can progress through lessons step by step or select specific areas to practice when using the tool,

Performance Portal

Keep tabs on both group-wide and individual progress through an optional, mobile-friendly, web-based portal, allowing for easy tracking and management of training activities.


Tailor the training experience to your specific needs with customizable scoring, lesson plans, and material systems.

Operating costs
- 1 %
Material Costs
- 1 %
More Experience
+ 1 X

Benefits of using our Spray VR Paint Simulator

Faster Training

Spray paint simulator enables faster and more effective training for novice painters.

Reduced Raw Material Wastage

The simulator reduces the amount of raw material wasted during training sessions.

Efficient Skill Enhancement

The tool facilitates efficient skill enhancement for experienced painters.

Real Time Haptics & Feedback

Real-time haptics and feedback allow painters to develop better control and precision.

Performance Report & Analysis

Performance reports and analysis provide painters with actionable insights for improvement.

Industrial & Education Packages

The spray paint simulator offers both industrial and education packages, catering to diverse user needs.

Choose your Training Focus

All Spraybott models include Fundamentals as default training. Choose extra content packs to customize the tool and suit the specific needs of your program.


Spraybott painting simulator is a game changer for the automotive industry, offering comprehensive, safe, and customizable training for spray painting techniques on various automotive surfaces

Vocational institute

The simulator provides a safe and cost-effective environment for students to learn painting techniques

Aviation & Aerospace

Spraybott painting simulator is invaluable for aviation and aerospace industry, providing realistic, safe, and cost-effective training for precision spray painting


Spraybott painting simulator is a powerful training solution for the furniture industry, providing trainees with a safe and realistic environment to practice spray painting techniques on various surfaces and coatings

Customized workpieces

Spray paint simulator enables companies to offer customized and personalized workpieces to their clients, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Metal Structure

Spraybott painting simulator is a valuable training solution for the structural industry, providing trainees with a realistic and safe environment to practice spray painting techniques on various surfaces

Our Happy Customers

We have 100’s of happy customers using Spraybott painting simulator

As the head of an automotive spray paint company, I've seen a significant improvement in our painters' skills since implementing Spraybott's simulator. Our team, led by Mark Davis, now produces flawless finishes more efficiently, ultimately increasing our client satisfaction and profits.
Michael Thompson, CEO, AutoShine Coatings
After incorporating Spraybott's simulator into our training program, we've witnessed a remarkable reduction in material costs and a significant increase in project profitability. Our students, like Jane Doe, now achieve impeccable results with less waste, leading to a stronger bottom line for our company
John Smith, Training Manager, Precision Paint Solutions
Spraybott's simulator has become an invaluable tool for our spray paint school. It's revolutionized the way we train future professionals like Emily Brown, providing them with realistic experiences and instant feedback that translate to real-world success
David Wilson, Director, PaintPro Training Institute

Our Internationl clinets


We’ve tried all your questions about our VR Spray Paint Simulator & Training

A spray painting simulator is a virtual tool that mimics the experience of spray painting in a realistic environment. Users can practice spraying various surfaces, adjust settings like paint color and pressure, and receive instant feedback on their technique. This simulation helps users develop skills such as precision, control, and efficiency without using actual paint or materials. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and art benefit from spray painting simulators by training employees to produce high-quality finishes, minimizing material waste, reducing production time, and improving safety measures.

Spraybott provides a safe, realistic environment for trainees to practice their spray painting techniques, with customizable settings and immediate feedback to improve their skills.

Yes, Spraybott has data tracking capabilities that enable trainers to monitor trainee progress and performance, allowing for targeted instruction and tailored training programs.

Spraybott provides a virtual training environment, eliminating the need for materials and equipment associated with traditional training methods.

Yes, Spraybott is suitable for both beginner and advanced painters, with customizable settings to simulate different environmental conditions and challenges.

Yes, our simulator offers customizable settings to replicate various spray guns, including different nozzle sizes, spray patterns, and air pressures. Additionally, users can adjust parameters such as paint viscosity and drying times to simulate different types of paint materials, from automotive finishes to industrial coatings.

Absolutely. Our VR Spray Painting Simulator features customizable difficulty levels and training modules tailored to different skill levels, from novice painters to seasoned professionals. Beginners can start with basic tutorials covering fundamental techniques, while experienced painters can access advanced challenges to refine their skills and tackle complex projects.

A car painting simulator is a virtual training tool that replicates the process of painting vehicles in a controlled, digital environment. Trainees use VR (Virtual Reality) headsets and controllers to practice painting techniques on virtual car models. The simulator provides realistic scenarios, allowing users to learn and improve their skills without the need for physical cars or paint.

Car painting simulators offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Cost Savings: Reduces the need for expensive materials and equipment.
  • Safety: Eliminates exposure to harmful fumes and chemicals.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Minimizes paint waste and environmental impact.
  • Skill Development: Allows for repetitive practice and immediate feedback to improve technique.
  • Customization: Provides a variety of scenarios and car models to practice on, tailoring training to specific needs.

Ready to take your spray paint training to next level?

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