Spraybott Education For Spray Paint Training Institutes

Spraybot Go offers the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency for painter training on-the-go, with a compact and portable design. 

Instant Painter Training, Ready-to-Go

Spraybott Go provides a portable and affordable solution for hands-on virtual reality painter training, without the need for a spray booth or materials.

Real Look Spray Gun For VR Painting Training

Customizable Training Anywhere

SimSpray Go offers a portable and customizable training experience for painters on the go. Tailor training anywhere, anytime.

Quick and Easy VR Training

Mobile, plug-and-play design makes it easy to set up and start hands-on training in minutes with Spraybott

Fully customizable setting in Our paint simulator according student

Customized Training Content

Create tailored training with Spraybott paint and curriculum editors, custom material, and scoring options.

Hazard-Free Paint Training

Practice without paint parts, materials, or exposure to hazardous fumes with Spraybott virtual reality paint training

Instructor-Friendly Performance Tools

SimSpray Go offers real-time performance feedback and analysis, allowing instructors to track progress and support learners, even when training remotely.

Available Processes:

See all our VR Painting Training processes 


Experience realistic training for HVLP (high volume low pressure) painting techniques with Spraybott virtual reality paint simulator.

Powder Coating

Spraybott VR paint simulator allows trainees to practice powder coating techniques safely and waste-free with limitless material options.


Trainees can now master airless paint spraying techniques with Spraybott Go virtual reality paint training system.

Air-Assisted Airless

Spraybott VR paint training platform offers trainees the ability to learn air-assisted airless painting techniques without the need for physical paint parts.

Industry Content Packs

Tailor training with Spraybott industry content packages for specific needs. Each package has unique parts, custom paint, material systems, and learning curricula for efficient training



Building Trades

Furniture & Cabinetry


traditional spray painting

Training Features:

Technical Details:

Ready to take your spray paint training to next level?

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